Top travel tips from Manchester Airport - Week One

This week’s tip is all aimed at keeping you hydrated on your travels….while complying with all security regulations.

Government rules restrict anything more than 100ml going in your hand luggage, which means you sadly cannot take that bottle of water or cola through security, which can be frustrating when you have to throw your drink away.

But did you know that across the airport’s three terminals, there are free water fountains to use?

So, if you take an empty plastic bottle or flask, you can fill up with ice cold water for free before you fly.

These are located after the security process and are even found in arrivals once you have got off your flight, meaning you can grab a drink of water before immigration and baggage reclaim.

In addition, the airport has recently signed up to a scheme called Refill, a national City to Sea initiative backed by local water company, United Utilities.

It means passengers can refill their water bottles at any of the 33 bars and restaurants across the airport’s three terminals. Refill is one of several campaigns from City to Sea, the not-for-profit organisation running campaigns to prevent marine plastic pollution.

So not only can you quench your thirst free of charge at the airport, you can help the environment in the process.