Top travel tips from Manchester Airport - week three

No one likes queueing when they get to the airport but security processes, which are set by government, are there for everyone’s safety.

To avoid any hold ups, or delays with rejected bags, here are the top five tips to breeze through security:

  1. Plan your journey. Depending on your flight you should arrive at least 2-3 hours before. Check road and rail planning websites in case of any delays or cancellations on your route
  2. Be dressed for security. Before entering the security hall ensure you have your coat, belt, gloves and hats removed. Taking these off at the lane can add precious minutes onto the journey and when multiplied by thousands of passengers can soon mount up
  3. Know your liquids, gels and pastes. For more than a decade government has restricted the amounts of liquids, gels and pastes you can carry in your hand luggage. Ensure these are no more than 100ml each and are in a clear, resealable plastic bag. These are available free of charge in each of the three terminals. If a rogue lipstick or cream lurks in your bag it can send it to the reject lane, adding more time on your journey
  4. Have laptops and hairdryers at the ready. All large electrical items need to be removed and placed in the trays provided. Sometimes you may need an extra tray as if too much goes in one, or it becomes cluttered, it can reject, again making you wait for it to be re-screened.
  5. Let our staff help you. Our trained security staff are there for your safety and to help you on your way. Listen to their advice and ask any questions if you’re unsure of what needs to come out into the tray. They deal with thousands of passengers each day and are more than willing to help and assist

So, whether you’re going to Seattle or San Francisco, or Beijing or Boston, know the security rules so you can jet off smoothly and easily. For more information on security and the rules check out: www.manchesterairport.co.uk/help/passenger-guides/security/