Manchester Airport offers British Sign Language interpreting for Deaf customers

Manchester Airport has joined forces with the online interpreting service, SignLive, to provide Deaf customers with interpretation in British Sign Language (BSL) when using and contacting the airport.

The new service enables customers who want to communicate in BSL to connect via video with a certified interpreter who can provide two-way translation between the customer and an airport team member.

Customers can simply log on to the SignLive app on iOS, Android, or a web browser and find Manchester Airport in the Community Directory to use the service.

British Sign Language is a visual language using gestures, facial expressions, and body language. Sign Language is used mainly by Deaf people.

The introduction of SignLive is one of Manchester Airport’s many initiatives to become a more accessible airport for everyone. Manchester Airport’s quality of assisted travel provision was rated as ‘good’ in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) last reporting period for April-October 2022.

Manchester Airport has a close collaborative relationship with its Accessibility Advisory group, a diverse group of disabled people who advise the airport in areas like customer experience, training, monitoring, innovation and recruitment.

Jennifer Byrne-Smith, Terminal Director at Manchester Airport, says: “We are delighted to announce the introduction of the SignLive app, which will help our Deaf passengers. Manchester Airport is committed to ensuring that all of our services are accessible for everyone, and we will continue working closely our assisted travel groups on further inclusivity initiatives.”