Blog: tips for travellers week five

This week’s tips looks at planning your journey to the airport. Manchester Airport recommends that passengers arrive at least two-to-three hours before their flight to allow enough time to check-in and get through security.

Manchester Airport is unique in Europe in having a transport hub that brings together train, tram, bus and coach, meaning the gateway is well connected to Greater Manchester and the wider North via public transport.

If coming by car there have been a number of changes to the road layout and car parks in the last couple of years at the airport.

In April, a new multi storey car park at Terminal Two opened, named Terminal Two Multi-Storey West. It offers 3,800 spaces for both pre-booked and turn up passengers. The existing Terminal Two multi-storey (which was renamed Terminal Two Multi-Storey East) is now for pre-booked passengers only.

The ground level of this new car park is dedicated to those picking up arriving passengers and those who have not pre-booked their car parking. The remaining levels (one-eight) are dedicated to those passengers who have pre-booked a space.

A new Terminal One arrivals car park will open this summer, massively increasing capacity for collecting passengers. Once the new arrivals car park opens, the existing Terminal One Multi-Storey will also change to pre-booked passengers only. Whilst the build is taking place, capacity in the existing multi-storey is limited, so passengers are advised to pre-book their parking to guarantee a space. If passengers are arriving without pre-booking, (which isn’t advised) the only car park product available now is the multi-storeys, with the long stay products being removed to make way for further enhancements at the airport.

Passengers should also remember the pickup and drop off procedure, which changed last summer. A free drop-off option is available at Jet Parks One with a short bus ride to all three terminals. To drop off on the forecourts it costs £3 for five minutes and £4 for 10. Passengers cannot pick up on the forecourts and could be charged up to £100 if they attempt to do so. Pick-up should be done in the arrivals/multi storey car parks which are clearly signposted.

Over the last few years there has been an increase in the number of people impacted by using rogue meet and greet car parking firms. The airport is working closely with Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police to tackle this issue. It would always recommend purchasing parking through a park mark approved firm and if anyone has any doubts whether their car parking is official, they can contact the airport’s customer service team.